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Best web development company in India !!!

  • 2017-12-04
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Now why special blog for web development company, to work on SEO? nope. We thought we should narrow our best workable area. Even though, we still says we are best but what if we have to choose one from a number of works. We will choose web development. No, not website or web application but anything that is in cloud or works with web front-end is our passion. and this blog is dedicated to narrow version of our-self. May be we will write another article to show our more interest fields, but lets see why we are best for web development company in this blog.

What makes us Best in web development ?

Our habit to create framework of everything first. Yes, that's one of major reasons. We have developed a number of web based tools that are either our own open source releases or we contributed to their code or in their social expansions. But doing such things made a good habit in our development, To think far ahead. Yes, you read it right.When we create any framework or open source version of anything that is used by developers as well as end user, we need to think all possibilities. It is obviously not possible to think all possible future requirements, but that made another good habit in our development. To think in terms massive requirement change in future and required ability to fit in any shape even when we have done our project more than half.

"wait, wait... what you want to say here ?"

okay, let me clear things. We have developed and contributed in projects that made us two good habits. First,To see much further then others in terms of business, login and it's implementation with our code decisions, Second, To adopt changes on any stage because even we look far we cannot see it all coming.

And trust us, if you have ever made a software with developers, you know it. Things changes when it comes to actual implementation. And we master that.

But why best in web development not in other ?

we feel home when we work on web development. That doe not sets us back for any of your development. But if your project is on distributed technology, client-server based or web broser based interface looks great to you. we are best at this.

What Technology we use in web development ?

It doesn't matter. We can work on any technology you wants. Any good programmer or developer will be agree with us that programming is same to solve any logic in it's solution space. Implementing it in procedural, object oriented or event oriented is just another aspect and programming language or back-end, its the most trivial part. Not UN-important, but it doesn't effect our efficiency at all. But for most of the cases we use PHP and MariaDB. Why? well, so we can go open source and majority of developers can take use of it. Simple, isn't it?

What kind of projects we are best for ?

ammm.... wrong question, we can do anything. Anything that is humanly and scientifically possible as per current human knowledge. That's our only restriction. But we can try going beyond that also.  Take a look at our tag line again, "wish anything" and we mean it.

How are our charges for commercial development ?

High, negotiable but not cheap. Nope, we do not fight on price, we fight on quality of product. If you are looking for most cheap in market, you are at wrong place. But if you are looking for best persons for your work, Stop looking further.

How big is our team ?

Small, super small just 5-10 persons. But believe us, we can make anything on any scale. On need can train persons in specific tasks to make them accomplish something. So, if you project is big, it's our issue to do things on time with proper quality.

How to contact us ?

Well, there is contact-us link on menu btw :)

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why we are considered best development company or to be specific best development company in India ?

  • 2017-12-04
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First thing in your mind, REALLY? Are you the best development company in India ?

And our answer is, why not? what would you except from one of best IT development Company ? We are best because we think so. But we have a backup to say so, We do thinks differently. We are working not to develop for us or our clients, but we are working to solve our customers real need. We are not huge or big company but our vision is good enough.

What makes us think as best IT development company ?

A lot of things, to name a few, we are not into stereotyped for any specific technology and work pattern. We are open and yet very performative. We have proven it in various fields. To test our self we have worked in wide range of fields. Let it be anything an open source ORM for Java or Code-Igniter porting to Joomla (xCIDeveloper) or World's first Artificial Intelligent CMS or just another but unique Business platform or Custom application for ISPs to fight big giants in industry... the list is long enough that has given us confidence to say that...

No, that does not makes us jack of all and master of none. We have made everything on top level and extra ordinary. So, we have shown our caliber in

  • Understanding of any new project
  • Adapt it's business process and make our self comfortable with Industry experts in very short time span. This makes us think a head in terms of business when developing something.
  • Find the so coming obstacles very early or sometimes in very starting phases. That reduces our iterations of development.
  • Finding the optimum solution fast.
  • Finding the write tool and platform.
  • Implementing exact what is needed to be implemented

So, we are far ahead then some very huge companies also as we are a very small team capable enough to do miracles when it comes to development.

What development can we do for you ?

ammmm ....  You are asking a wrong questions here, read us again above... It is not about what we can do or not. If it can be done by any available or known scientific methods, we can do it better then others. So, this question is out of question. We can do anything. That's why we have put our tag line "wish anything"  and ... we mean it.

How do we charge for our services ?

Quite high, we do not work on or fight on rates, we fight on quality of work. But that does not means we are affordable. But yes, If you are looking for cheap options, we are not. We do think, going cheap let the customer suffer at the end. We do not want that. So we do negotiate but don't expect the lowest rate in market from us. But if you care to develop something out standing, contact us ?

How to contact the best developers in India ;) ?

Just click the contact-us page on the top and drop us a message. That's it. Simple enough.

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