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About Xavoc

We love setting new trends in infrastructure & technology

A team since 1999, breaking its own limits every time has a large list of satisfied customers, a professional Software developing, Web developing, Web designing, Advertising Company in Rajasthan, operates as a support to various Business Returns.  

Xavoc Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. offers a host of IT, Software Development, Digital Media and IT Enabled services. We enable revenue growth, productivity improvement, and cost reduction by leveraging cutting edge technology to enhance the quality, context and flow of information between clients and their key constituents.

We offer relaxed and comfortable space and have a unique relationship with our clients- we always exceed their expectations and have fun at same time. We are an organization driven by ideas. An organization where creative insights and strategic know-how are used to solve software and communication needs of our clients. Our edge lies in our ability to offer an integrated approach to address clients' needs to operate efficiently as well as to communicate and serve customers effectively.

Developer and Contributor of


Epan Services

Epan is a Drag and drop based website/online store builder with excellent CRM/ ERP behind. This is just not another data entry system, we say it your business buddy. for more please click here



XCI system merges the two wonder full systems available in PHP development word CI (Codeigniter the powerful framework for developers) and Joomla (Powerful CMS to manage your sites). xCIDeveloper.



xJDataMapper is a Ruby style Java ORM. It makes your life easy with simple Oops implementation of your DataBase. For more please click here


Agile Toolkit

Well, We love this framework. This is our base for Epan services and we are always ready to spread this wonderful framework wherever we can. For more you can follow their official website.

About Our Team


Gowrav Vishwakarma

Always eager to speak, judging things & making corrections. The brain behind Xavoc system & excellent coder, CEO.


Rakesh Sinha

The muscle behind Xavoc. The fearless coder, ready to face any challenge & a quick solution implementer , CTO.


Priti Vishwakarma

As crazy as this pic, the connecting bond between the core team & every Xavoc Team member, Director.