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Not just another IT Company !

This is who we are, always believed in doing different things differently.

We love setting new trends in infrastructure & technology

While IT companies love using some popular tools, we love being that popular tool. When people love to do their marketing we love being their weapon. When you love to use IT tools to manage your company better, we love to be the tools, that become your business buddies. 

We don't make websites
We make tools to create websites

You can make your stunning websites with our drag and drop based website builder, live on site edit and CTRL+S to save, we love to make things that easy.

We do not make E-commerce
We make tools to create online stores

We help you to establish your corporate world with online and offline management systems with our same and easy Drag and Drop online store builder tool that is ready.

We do not make management apps
We build business framework

So, you can manage like a pro with our management CRM/ERP. We work on problems that companies faces and we already works on solutions.

That says, we are not just another IT Company

All it means, with us, you don't have to reinvent the wheel again. We already have done our homework and we are just ready to get your job done. That's why we are considered as one of Best IT Company in India

About our company

We don''t build what you want, We build what you need


Yes, as we said earlier, we are not just another IT company. We just not make your software, applications or websites. We are a team to empower entrepreneurs by giving them total solutions to either solve their problems or to help them achieve their goals. When a client approach us for something to be developed, we go much deeper, we get your problems and goals and then suggests you better things if we can.

That's how we work. We are an excellent team to help you grow with IT add-ons as well as to backup your all marketing and sales needs also.

Developer and Contributor of


Epan Services

Epan is a Drag and drop based website/online store builder with excellent CRM/ ERP behind. This is just not another data entry system, we say it your business buddy. for more please click here



XCI system merges the two wonder full systems available in PHP development word CI (Codeigniter the powerful framework for developers) and Joomla (Powerful CMS to manage your sites). xCIDeveloper.



xJDataMapper is a Ruby style Java ORM. It makes your life easy with simple Oops implementation of your DataBase. For more please click here


Agile Toolkit

Well, We love this framework. This is our base for Epan services and we are always ready to spread this wonderful framework wherever we can. For more you can follow their official website.

Business Segments
Coffee Cups
Rewarded product EPAN



When it comes to software development there are loads of IT companies that talk a good game, but Xavoc helps us make it happen.

They have made it possible for me, We wanted to have a system & technology through we could understand what's going on in our organization so we could Improve and increase productivity!

Xavoc IT Consultants consulted me, understood our needs and created solution better than what we expected.

Now we have a very clear eye on what and how our different departments are doing, eg. what our marketing team is doing or how we are communicating with our customers.

We have better control on what our staff is doing and now it's been helping us tremendously to take better and informed decisio, and bringing our business great productivity, the best part is it's SIMPLE! I highly recommend their services and products.

-Devendra Kumar Nagda, CEO, Bhawani Credit Co-Operative Society, Udaipur, Rajasthan


These guys are very diligent and willing to support you, even beyond what the product itself contains. I’ve sent several inquiries and them are quite fast to respond, even without being on a paid support program yet.

Agustin Garcia, PMP
  Operations Manager, DMO Mexico,
  Nokia location and commerce